Acro is a blend of classical dance technique with precision and acrobatic elements. This class is designed to promote strength, flexibility, and technique while safely mastering various levels of Acro elements. Ballet is a strong requirement for participation in this class.

Ballet is a poised style of dance that is the basic foundation of all dance forms. This classical style teaches grace and balance with appropriate body placement. Ballet increases strength and flexibility and is required to compliment all Jazz, Modern, and Lyrical/Contemporary classes.

Hip Hop is a class that allows you to bring the funk and learn a more diverse style of movement. This class consists of various body isolations and choreography that will let you move to a new groove while you are dancing.

Jazz is a technique class based off of Ballet that works on body placement and alignment. Dancers will learn various progressions, floor work, and center combinations. Ballet is required for this class once you have reached Jazz 5/6 or higher.

Lyrical/Contemporary is an expressive technique of dance that incorporates various styles such as Ballet, Jazz, and Modern technique. This class focuses solely on emotional expression and movement. Ballet is suggested to compliment this style of dance for all beginner levels and is a requirement for all advanced levels.

Modern is a natural style of dance that allows a dancer to use creative lines and abstract movements to match the dancer’s feelings. Advanced levels must be enrolled in ballet.

Pre-Pointe/ Pointe is designed for the serious dancer. Dancers start in Pre-Pointe to strengthen the muscles of the ankles and calves through various exercises that will prepare them for promotion to Pointe. Pointe is a higher level of Ballet and is by teacher recommendation only. In order to be promoted en Pointe dancers are required to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week.

Poms is designed to promote technique that dancers need for their school’s poms teams. This class consists of Jazz and Hip Hop movements and also teaches the required poms tricks such as various turns, leaps, jumps, splits, and kick sequences that dancers will need to know.

Tap is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of tap shoes with a metal "tap" on the heel and toe hitting the floor as a percussive instrument with an emphasis on learning musicality and rhythm. The sound made is commonly considered to be a form of music.

Stretch & Conditioning is designed for ALL dancers and athletes to help stretch and lengthen the body by increasing flexibility and core strength overtime. This class will emphasize good alignment, posture, and balance with overall well-being.