If you love the spotlight and get a rush from the thrill of competition, then our competitive dance team was made for you! Dancers on the team will broaden their horizons and learn commitment, responsibility, and how to take on leadership roles in team settings. Members will also receive additional performance opportunities in local competitions by having the ability to qualify for various awards and prizes through the Spring of 2017. Dancers will also participate in workshops from well-known Choreographers from all over the world in multiple styles of dance, in conventions that are sometimes attached to a weekend of competing.


Please dress to impress!
Looking the role helps you dance the role!
Failure to comply with the dress codes may result in a dancer losing their audition spot.

  • Hip Hop Company Auditions must have their hair pulled in a ponytail and wear either hip hop sneakers, jazz shoes, or a clean gym shoe of choice. They can come dressed in loose clothing; however street clothes, shorts, and pajama pants are not permitted.

  • Lyrical/Contemporary or Jazz Company Auditions should have their hair pulled in a secure bun and must have a leotard with either jazz pants or tights with dance shorts, and must wear lyrical soles or jazz shoes.



Your specific dance company requirements are determined by the team of which you qualify for. Each team has a different amount of required hours. You may pick and choose the class times that you sign up for to best fit with your schedule to fulfill your requirements, however the weekly hour rehearsals will meet on Sundays in the late afternoon with the time to be announced for the various age groups once teams have been selected.

  • If you qualify for any Hip Hop team you will need at least one Hip Hop class, one Jazz class, one Stretch and Conditioning class, and Ballet class per week plus your additional one hour weekly rehearsal where choreography is taught.

  • If you qualify for the Lyrical/Contemporary or Jazz team you will need at least two Ballet classes, one Lyrical/Contemporary class, one Jazz class, and one Stretch and Conditioning Class per week as well as your additional one hour weekly rehearsal where choreography is taught.

There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to these requirements needed for qualifying company members. This process allows dancers to gain better technique and core strength through the appropriate training process necessary to compete at these levels.**If you qualify for the team it is suggested that you enroll in summer classes, intensives, or workshops that are offered to help you stay on top of your technique. Please contact us with any additional questions.